“Some say spaghetti is fully cooked when you can throw it against a wall and it sticks. I say that’s a waste of pasta.”

mike espositoI grew up in a first-generation Italian Neapolitan family along with a sister, a brother and two restaurants. The restaurants have since left the family, but they instilled a strong work ethic and taught me to keep calm under pressure.

My passion for art and design started when I decided the menu at one of the restaurants was boring and could use some pictures (the only real way to choose a meal from a menu). I took the liberty of adding illustrations of the dishes along with some great 80’s design elements like rainbow gradients and drop shadows … my career in the arts really took off.

Columbia College taught me that you can have the craziest idea in the world, but there is always something (or someone) crazier. Great design isn’t always about making something look pretty, but solving problems and addressing client needs. I learned this in a hands-on diverse environment, providing a solid foundation for my career.

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